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A joint promotion with Decorateondemand.co.uk

We’re always open for fun collaborations.

Decorateondemand.co.uk is always interested in joint promotions with other companies because two strong brands working together can both make a lot of progress. A joint promotion can be used in various types of promotional marketing, such as competitions and premium promotions, but we’re also open to sponsoring and events. If you’re looking for a unique, promotional collaboration, and see Decorateondemand.co.uk as a good match, let's join forces and enter into a partnership.

Examples of our joint promotions

A joint promotion is more effective, and has a positive impact on the turnover of both parties. It also saves us some of the high costs of promotion. A win-win situation. In 2005, for example, we distributed 1.7 million flyers via credit card company, Visa, with a special offer for cardholders, and in 2008 our logo appeared on 1.5 million Milka chocolate bars.

Decorateondemand.co.uk is interested in

  • A discount offer on your Facebook page
  • Publicising an attractive promotion in your newsletter, customer magazine, or staff magazine
  • A discount promotion or competition promotion on a package or instore (on POS material, such as flyers)
  • A reference on other e-stores or blogs

If you have any other ideas about a useful type of cooperation, or if you’d like to know what we can offer your company,
website or brand, please feel free to contact us.

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