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Photo editing

Decorateondemand.co.uk can edit your photo in various ways. If you want to have a photo printed on a product, but would rather change something in your photo, then our team can edit it for you. There are various options.

Convert your photo to black & white or sepia

If you want to convert your photo to black & white, or give it a sepia effect, no problem. You can choose this option in the ordering tool.

Free photo editing Free photo editing black and whiteFree photo editing with sepia effect

Have a photo collage made

If you’re unable to choose from all your favourite photos, why not have a photo collage made and printed on one of our materials? This edit costs only a small amount extra, and you get the chance to modify the proposed edits twice. That means the collage is always to your taste. This photo editing option adds £15 to the price of the canvas.

Is it good idea to order whitewash on your photo on wood?

If you order a photo on wood, you can choose whether you want the wood whitewashed first. The photo on wood with whitewash is the most popular option, and ideal for photos with faces. The whitewash ensures that the colours of your photo are faithfully reproduced, and remain as bright as the original. The knots and veins in the wood also become less visible. Without whitewash, the photo is less sharp and darker. We cannot, therefore, accept complaints about photos on wood without whitewash. A photo on wood with whitewash adds 22% to the original price.

Photo on wood with whitewash

Order your photo with photo editing today from Decorateondemand.co.uk.

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