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Customer service

NOTE: Delivery may be delayed.

Our courier has received a huge amount of parcels, this can mean for you as a customer that your package can be postponed. We do everything we can to transfer the parcels to our carrier at an early stage to avoid delays. Our packages will be delivered to our carrier on time. We advise you to keep track of your track and trace.


Other questions

If you have a question not covered by our FAQs, please contact us.

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What are the delivery times?

All our products will be shipped within 4 business days.

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What is the status of my order?

You can easily view the status of your order by logging in with your account. You do this as follows:

  • Go to the login page > Login
  • Log in with your details
  • View your orders via > My orders

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How can I change my details?

If you have a Decorateondemand.co.uk account, but you want to change your details, no problem. Follow these simple steps:

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What kind of quality can you expect from us?

Decorateondemand.co.uk is part of CanvasCompany.nl, CanvasCompany.nl started out by printing photos on canvas some 14 years ago. Since then, the company has earned itself a permanent place in the photography market and rightly deserves its status of market leader. This Frisian company is characterised by its incredible customer-friendliness and exceptional printing quality. Rarely do these two aspects coincide, but CanvasCompany.nl has proven it’s possible for many years already.

If you order from Decorateondemand.co.uk, we can guarantee we will:

  • Deliver excellent quality;
  • Gladly help if you have any questions;
  • Do our utmost to put a smile on the face of the recipient of your photo gift.

Are you ordering a photo on wood? Please note: wood is a natural product, and expands and contracts under the influence of humidity and temperature. The gaps between the boards can become larger or smaller due to this contraction or expansion.

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What happens if I’m not satisfied?

Although we think it’s extremely unlikely, if you are unexpectedly unhappy with the photo gift you receive, please let us know.
We hope you understand that personalised gifts cannot be simply returned, but if we are the cause of any problem, we promise we’ll do something about it.

Not entirely satisfied? Please contact our customer service.

Visit our contact page

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I didn’t receive an order confirmation. What now?

If you place an order with us, we immediately send you an order confirmation. If you didn’t receive an e-mail with an order confirmation, it may have ended up in your spam folder. Check your e-mail account to see if the message is in this folder. If you find it, mark the message as ‘not spam', so any subsequent status updates will appear directly in your inbox. If you still cannot find the confirmation, please contact us and we’ll send you an order confirmation manually.

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What should I do if I can’t complete my order?

It’s possible that you can’t complete your order because of an error message or a browser setting. In this case, we recommend you contact our customer service by E-mailing. In your e-mail, mention the error message, and if possible attach a screenshot or photo of your screen. Our staff will then finalise your order with you so you can start enjoying your personalised product as quickly as possible.

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My payment failed; what should I do?

A number of reasons may cause your payment to fail:

  • There is a fault with the bank in question.
    We recommend you contact your bank, or wait until the fault is resolved. Then try to make payment again via 'Bank transfer'.
  • What if a payment option doesn’t work?
    If a payment fails, you can of course use one of our other payment methods, like paying by creditcard or PayPal.

Bank transfer
With the order confirmation you will receive a separate email with your invoice from our cooperation partner MultiSafepay, who processes the incoming payments. Please transfer the open invoice amount as described in the email. Please note: Your order will only be forwarded to production as soon as the invoice amount has been credited to our account. This can take up to 3 working days.

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Is the quality of my photo good enough?

Would you like to have a photo printed on canvas, but are unsure if the quality of your photo is good enough? In that case, you can indicate that you want your photo checked when ordering. To enable this option, tick in step 2 under Extra Options, 'Yes, I want to have my photo checked'. For a small surcharge, we’ll check the quality of your photo so you can be sure it will be printed beautifully and sharply.

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That's why you should choose Decorateondemand.co.uk

A photo gift says more than a thousand words.
Are you looking for a personal gift to make someone happy?

... Then Decorateondemand.co.uk is the right place.

Quality, service, passion, emotion...

These words may seem meaningless when written on a screen, but every customer who has ever ordered something from us knows exactly what we mean.

  • Quality: For Decorateondemand.co.uk, merely being good is not good enough. Decorateondemand.co.uk’s products are always the highest quality, and printed on the finest materials.
  • Service: Decorateondemand.co.uk is here to help its customers.
  • Passion: we do what we enjoy, and this is reflected in our products. Passion for our trade, and passion for the products we make.
  • Emotion: a photo gift is emotion. We guarantee the recipient will be happy with your personal gift.

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How can I contact Decorateondemand.co.uk?

If you have a question that's not on our service page, please feel free to contact us. Our team is on hand to answer all your questions. You can always check out our contact page for more information.

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Do you have a question about a discount code, or is your code not working?

Your code might not work for a number of reasons. The most common ones are listed below.

  • The code contains a capital letter O or number 0. The difference is difficult to see. We therefore recommend that you copy the code from the voucher, and paste it in the appropriate discount code box. Be careful not to include a space at the beginning or end of the code when copying because our system recognises a space as a sign, and may therefore reject the code.
  • The code did initially work, but no longer works because of a payment error and the premature closure of the payment environment. In this case, your code will be automatically re-activated within 30 minutes.
  • You chose a smaller size than that purchased. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to order a smaller size with the voucher. The format must at least correspond or exceed the value of the voucher, or you must increase the size until you at least reach the value of the voucher.
  • We regret that multiple codes cannot be used for a single order. 

If your problem isn’t related to one of the above reasons, and your code still doesn’t work, please visit our contact page to send an e-mail and we’ll check it.

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How do I place an order?

You can order your favourite photo gift from Decorateondemand.co.uk in just a few minutes.

1. Choose the gift or wall art you want: photo gifts or wall art.
2. Personalise your photo gift: Choose a photo and edit it online to your liking.
3. Select any options you want.
4. Add your product to the shopping cart.
5. Click ‘Proceed to checkout'.
6. Enter your details.
7. Check your order.
8. Click ‘Confirm order' to pay and complete your order.

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How do I create an account?

Creating an account with Decorateondemand.co.uk is quick and easy. You can view and follow the status and other details of your orders via this account, as well as store multiple shipping addresses.

Click Register, and fill in all the details. It only takes a minute to create an account.

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I’ve forgotten my password, what now?

If you lose your Decorateondemand.co.uk account password, don’t panic. Simply click the following link forgotten password to request a new password. Enter your e-mail, and we’ll send you a link to change your password.

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Decorateondemand.co.uk product overview

Decorateondemand.co.uk has dozens of photo gifts for you to choose from. You can view the complete assortment under the menu item ‘photo gifts’ or simply browse the product overview of our photo gifts.
We also sell various types of wall art. View all our wall art under the menu item: ‘wall art’, or browse them all on our wall art page.

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Discount offers by Decorateondemand.co.uk

We regularly have discount offers. Below you will find the current discount offer:

Order now with Volume discount!

  • 1 product? Now 20% discount with code VOLUME20
  • 2 products? Now 30% discount with code VOLUME30
  • 3 products? Now 35% discount with code VOLUME35

To keep up to date with our promotions, you can keep an eye on our discount page.

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Payment options

Pay with VPAY

Pay quickly, easily and securely with your own bank via VPAY

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Pay with Creditcard

If you want to pay with Mastercard or Visa, you can do so by choosing the desired payment method during checkout.

NOTE: For payment with Creditcard we ask £ 1.95 extra for mediation costs.

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Pay with Paypal

If you have an account with Paypal you can also pay with it. If you don't have an account with Paypal you can still pay by Mastercard or Visa, this can be done by choosing "pay as a guest" with PayPal. For more information, please visit www.paypal.co.uk

NOTE: For payment with Paypal we ask £ 1.95 extra for mediation costs.

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Pay with a bank transfer

If you choose to make a bank transfer, you will transfer the amount owed to our bank account yourself. From our partner MultiSafepay you will receive an e-mail with all the details to transfer the amount.

ATTENTION: Payment by bank transfer is free but may take a few days to process, so this will affect the delivery time of your order.

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Payment was not successful

If your payment has failed, there may be several reasons for this:

  • There is a malfunction at that bank.
    We advise you to contact your bank or to wait until the malfunction is solved. Then you can try to place the order again using another payment method.
  • There is a malfunction with the relevant payment service.
    If you are unable to pay, you can of course use our other payment methods or wait until the relevant payment service has solved the problem.

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How much does shipping a personalised product cost?

The shipping costs are £ 7.99 per order.

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Security & privacy

Protection of personal data

If you place an order online, you obviously expect your data to be treated confidentiality. We promise we will handle your data and visual material with the utmost care.

Of course, we do need some data from you in order to arrange your order and deliver it.

What data do we need from you?

First and last name We need your name to be able to store your order and send it,
and to help you if you should have a question.
Address We need your address so we can deliver your order efficiently and on time to the
desired place.
Phone number If we have any unexpected questions about your order, we’ll
contact you.
E-mail We need your e-mail to send you an order confirmation and a link with which you
can track your order. This is useful for knowing the exact progress of your product.

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Secure ordering and payment environment

We understand better than anyone how important it is that you can place and pay your order safely and responsibly. That's why our ordering and payment system uses a secure SSL connection. It ensures others cannot intercept your communications with the server. You need no special software to pay with SSL. A secure SSL connection is indicated by the green padlock icon at the top of your browser.

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General Terms and Conditions in plain English.

We don’t like small print or unexpected surprises, so we communicate with our customers in plain language. Of course, some legal terms are inevitable, but these are all described in plain language in our Terms and Conditions.

Go to > Decorateondemand.co.uk General Terms and Conditions

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Customer service

Other questions

If you have a question not covered by our FAQs, please contact us.

Our customer service will gladly help you.

> Go to the contact page

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If you have any suggestions, we’re always pleased to hear them. It helps us adapt our products and services to your requirements. So, if you have tips about our range, customer service or any other topic, please let us know. :)

> Contact Decorateondemand.co.uk

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We sincerely hope it never happens, but a situation may occur in which you are not completely satisfied with your product. Rest assured we don’t turn our backs on complaints; we strive to ensure you are always 100% satisfied. Send your complaint within 4 working days, so we can respond as quickly as possible.

Please note: if you have one of the following complaints, you must send extra information or be particularly careful:

  • The product is damaged
  1. There is transportation damage: if there is transportation damage, you must send a photo of the damage + packaging. Otherwise we cannot handle your complaint.
  2. There is production damage: if there is production damage, send a photo of the damage. Otherwise we cannot handle your complaint.
  3. There are scratches on my plexiglass item: please note: Plexiglass items are sent with a protective film, so this may look as if it is scratched. However, these scratches are normally only on the film itself and disappear when peeled off. If there are still scratches on your plexiglass after removal of the protective film, send us an e-mail and attach a photo of the damage.
  • My order was delivered incomplete
  1. The hanging system is missing: if the hanging system is missing, please check the packaging first. It is possible that the hanging system is concealed behind a fold or something similar. If it really is missing, send us an e-mail with your order number.
  2. The box frame was not included: if the box frame was not included, please send us an e-mail with your order number so we can sort it out immediately.

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